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Black Girl at RISD was born in 2013 when I joined social media for the first time. I chose this name because it summed up my experience at RISD. Being one of only 10 black people in my class, it wasn’t a stretch to call myself THE black girl, and being black had become a major part of my identity.

While at RISD, I was  confronted many issues regarding my identity that I had previously avoided. Most importantly, I was challenged to confront my blackness. I was one of those black kids. The ones that purposefully  went out of their way to avoid associating with other black people. The ones that avoided doing anything that fell under the stereotypical idea of blackness. The ones that thought that being called an “Oreo” was a compliment.

I learned quickly just how black I was at RISD. My art began to reflect my personal reality and address my experience as a woman of color. I went on to start a children’s toy company that creates dolls to reflect the appearance of women of color and their natural hair.

I’ve had the honor of being able to positively influence people on my college campus and community with my words and ability to speak my truth,but I still have a lot of things to say. I figured starting a blog wouldn’t be too much \of a stretch.

Since I have graduated from RISD I’ve chosen not to identify with my original username Black Girl at RISD. I’m an adult navigating the real world and all the social complexities of identity politics.

I’m now a Black Girl vs. the World.


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